Deep Light

You don’t know how much I need this,
a feeling
burst from a single touch
a soft madness in the garden
of reeds and weeds and every leftover
of my brain, waiting for rain

The graves of begonia petals
and petunia leaves, rot
slithering the light into the ground
searching for signs
yearning for a second chance
to feel

It feels as hard as scar on my skin
to see the flowers burst in your eyes
a deep light, in a deep silence
wrecking my heart
too deep

June, 2016

A Better Man

when a man loves adventures too much
his soul lives outside the walls
chasing waterfall that blows up to the sky
O, what a world he got

but when his soul is too faraway
to understand your need of feet 
that touched the ground
hunting wildflowers, then
plowing the garden
to watch the flowers grow
so, where in the world to go?

and if he stays by your side
but his heart is always a wanderer
wanders through adventurous journey
openly or secretly, in his mind
burning lust and condemn boredom
you know, he’ll be gone by tomorrow
so, what a better man he can be?

Akasia, June 2016



Janji Gerimis

Ada gerimis yang kau tinggalkan
sebelum aku pergi. Masih kusimpan
hingga kini. Jika rindu mulai menggerayang
aku segera mengundang mendung.
Lalu kau datang membawa pelangi.

Jarak telah memagar gerak. Hanya angin
yang masih setia mengantar lirik sajak
untukmu, sebelum malam kelar.
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Nestapa Luka Cinta Anak Penyair

Dunia basah menampung air mata seorang penyair
Merembesi langit, menetaskan hujan diatas kepala seorang bayi
Yang baru lahir di suatu subuh: ruh yang masih rapuh
Masa depannya tercipta atas tetesan cerita menantinya hingga tua
Setelah kelahiran di atas reruntuhan bangunan sehabis perang, ia berdoa
Benar-benar berdoa pada Tuhannya, “Sirnakanlah segala luka!”

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Her Beauty

she crops her picture
to intense her image
the details of her long curly black hair 
that flowing with the wind 
is captivating
the shade of her face is glorious
shading a mystery to her presence

there she wore a coat 
that perfectly fit her body
a light brown coat that brightened her face
when a soft light of spring 
reflected on her eyes

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Would It Be

Would it be different
If it weren’t you
If it weren’t me
If it weren’t us together

Would it be different
If it wasn’t yesterday
If it isn’t today
If it isn’t our smiles that walked away

Would we be someone else
Someone else we’d never think we’d become
Would it be so hard together
When it wasn’t us?

Poetry Prairie
November 2015


I am a teardrop in the ocean
a diamond shaped salt 
by the movement of waves
fierce and strong 
and i’m flowing under the surface
beneath little curls 
of ocean swirls

those fierce currents
invisible like a myth
from faraway naked eyes 
and when the thunder growls
you sail through the storm
where the ocean sings 
with another land’s song 
then we sing in fear
like the mermaids’ symphony
behind the coral reefs

deep and hidden from the stars
I’m flowing in the ocean
and you sail away again
upon the teardrops of the ocean
oh dear, can we survive this night?
from this denouement 
from the wrecking distance between us
that is louder than the storm

Storm Facer Woman

the trembling pulse of a woman
who face the storm
is louder than the jingling
of jewelry’s eyes that deceit our eyes

her satin sheet is fluttering
the reign of wounds covered her up,
it doesn’t make her blind to love
nor make her heart dies

in the middle of a storm she always
locks her pounding chest
to the holiest voice that can be heard
by refuses to hear the falsehood
of earth saga

she is beauty
without the need to any comparison
in the bed of garden flowers
not even in any jewelry stores

Poetry Prairie – 2015

Heart Breaks


O, hard love
flicker in the night
a spark of storm’s pallette
in the sky of hearts
ferociously flowing down
like a silent dagger
sweet sound collides
discordant tones from a distance
scattering petals of fallen rose
heartbreaking after a light

Novia, June 2014


O, cinta keras
berkerlip-kerlip di malam hari
percikan palet badai
di langit hati
dengan berang melayang turun
seperti belati sunyi
suara manis bertabrakan
nada-nada sumbang di kejauhan
menghamburkan mahkota mawar yang jatuh
memilukan setelah cahaya

Novia, Juni 2014