The Mist


Frivolous wind
On pinetree’s fingers
White, cold and sharp
Hustled the delicate mists
Reflected on silverish river

Listen to the wind
Listen to the tickles on your spine
Listen to the dancing princess
Dawn after dawn

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Open your eyes for a blessing
Dancing in spring
Sing in a fling
Wildflowers are blooming
Centaurea beauty’s knocking
So tiny your heart needs to reveal
Purify our hearts
Don’t stop loving

Novia, 2014

The Melody In A Half Tone Excess


Listen for awhile, just listen
These different tones in the air
It can be differentiated as parts of a melody
The melody in us

These tones are perfectly pitched
Like the rhythm of descending raindrops
Like the tinkling sound of crystallized water
These are the tones of a lovely day

I see fresh leaves falling, green confetti shower
Shed my tears of a should-be-forgotten moment
It’s time to sing in a happy ending

That’s why I’ll sing in my own way
I’ll sing a melody in a half tone excess
Excessive joy as if riding wild horses
Listen up the melody then sing with me

Novia, 2010