Soulless Calling

Cold hearts melt before midnight
Showing all true colors
there is no color after all
It’s just a deceive,
of misconception values
An unbound bonding,
of soulless calling
What’s left is only the passing of time
With no meaning after all

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Cold Heart


silver touch in your heart
bursting like winter
in empty chandelier
falling debris

snowflakes in your eyes
freeze the tears
of rusty old feeling
and a moment without sunshine

cold shrubs are blooming
out from the ground
flowing breeze drifts the airy scent
as cold as ice
as cold as your heart

Novia, 2014


                   love                   swings
       springs      up            the         heart
yearning                   for                        purity
         of                                                souls
         heart                                      strings
               unite                           together
                 without                words
                           our        story