have you ever                  ever felt                           felt so misplaced like the moon               moonshine                           shines on daylight Novia, 2014


New Life

How can we get together? Changing our lives Compelling destiny Mistaken dwellers We can have another story If we don’t get burn in suffering We do have hope A star of life, of our pretty misery We just have to give it a chance Novia, 2014


Open your eyes for a blessing Dancing in spring Sing in a fling Wildflowers are blooming Centaurea beauty’s knocking So tiny your heart needs to reveal Purify our hearts Don’t stop loving Novia, 2014


Home of roses Through my dreams Through unbroken memories Spring of roses Spring of chanted melodies I’m still holding on From the emptiness In a bottle Flowing roses I will follow the trace Novia, 2014

Night Blooming Cereus

When darkness fall Some souls fade away To the moon and the sky Howling with the wind to break the night After nightfall There’s a blooming princess Shining white in golden lights Full blossoms, night after night A throning ceremony in the midnight Hear the whisper of a dancing fragrant Here she comes, Queen of …

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