Deep Light

You don’t know how much I need this,
a feeling
burst from a single touch
a soft madness in the garden
of reeds and weeds and every leftover
of my brain, waiting for rain

The graves of begonia petals
and petunia leaves, rot
slithering the light into the ground
searching for signs
yearning for a second chance
to feel

It feels as hard as scar on my skin
to see the flowers burst in your eyes
a deep light, in a deep silence
wrecking my heart
too deep

June, 2016

A Better Man

when a man loves adventures too much
his soul lives outside the walls
chasing waterfall that blows up to the sky
O, what a world he got

but when his soul is too faraway
to understand your need of feet 
that touched the ground
hunting wildflowers, then
plowing the garden
to watch the flowers grow
so, where in the world to go?

and if he stays by your side
but his heart is always a wanderer
wanders through adventurous journey
openly or secretly, in his mind
burning lust and condemn boredom
you know, he’ll be gone by tomorrow
so, what a better man he can be?

Akasia, June 2016



Her Beauty

she crops her picture
to intense her image
the details of her long curly black hair 
that flowing with the wind 
is captivating
the shade of her face is glorious
shading a mystery to her presence

there she wore a coat 
that perfectly fit her body
a light brown coat that brightened her face
when a soft light of spring 
reflected on her eyes

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Follow The Sun

If corona burns in your daylight and night
You trust your heart to a spectrum of light
Moon and stars are shining yet you take another journey
Where your heart grows and silently lonely

Head to the west to follow the sun
Giving your best to alter your eyes perspective
You hate your mind’s perfection
Then let it all burn under the sun

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Dawn’s Recitation

golden gate embraces
far eastern sky
that meddled on faces
beyond shadows,
light falls
down the thin line
of open sky
murmuring recitation,
a heaven’s prodigy
a sacred remedy
for lives that follow the path
the sanity of light

-Novia, June 2015-

Nyanyian Debu

angin menjemput debu yang dipanggang terik
kabur dari tanah sunyi dan dekap bumi
milyaran partikel pengisi troposfer
selalu, tak dikenali waktu
debu menari di atas jemari pepohonan 
mengetuk atap-atap rumbia
semadi di kawah dan doa lembah
pasrah angin menjemput dijamah surai cahaya
debu tenggelam di palung samudera

serupa itukah kau labur debu
pada luka-luka
menganga serupa sungai
dalam gua tanpa cahaya
mengalir deras ke bibir lautan
kata tersusun jadi nyanyian debumu
bersama angin yang menjerit
lebur dalam kisah-kisahmu
darah semesta

Sri The Mountain Princess

A woman who grew up in the middle of deciduous teak forest
She was destined to live in the silence of singing land
Far from prosperity that is assumed equal to a crowning gold
But her heart is peaceful

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Soulless Calling

Cold hearts melt before midnight
Showing all true colors
there is no color after all
It’s just a deceive,
of misconception values
An unbound bonding,
of soulless calling
What’s left is only the passing of time
With no meaning after all

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one day the world will end
proclaim the history
future’s prohibition
our name will fade
in extinction of existence
we left the shower of tears
in bottomless waterfall
our hands searching in the air
the pulling strings of fate
toss in feathers
to heaven

Novia, 2014