Igniting Lights

Black holes spinning in bed lurking in roads ornamenting the sky blossoming in hearts Too long Too deep attach in flesh infiltrate, like a whisper a morning shiver How long this longing of shining lights will flourish in atonement? Novia, 2014



Open your eyes for a blessing Dancing in spring Sing in a fling Wildflowers are blooming Centaurea beauty’s knocking So tiny your heart needs to reveal Purify our hearts Don’t stop loving Novia, 2014

The Melody In A Half Tone Excess

Listen for awhile, just listen These different tones in the air It can be differentiated as parts of a melody The melody in us These tones are perfectly pitched Like the rhythm of descending raindrops Like the tinkling sound of crystallized water These are the tones of a lovely day I see fresh leaves falling, …

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