Dawn’s Recitation

golden gate embraces
far eastern sky
that meddled on faces
beyond shadows,
light falls
down the thin line
of open sky
murmuring recitation,
a heaven’s prodigy
a sacred remedy
for lives that follow the path
the sanity of light

-Novia, June 2015-



warmer months and sunlight heats
rising temperature differently
over the land and the oceans
a seasonal reverse
twists with the wind
from place to place
eventually knocks on our secret door
with so much rain
again and again

after years we never learned
to equilibrate all circumstances
o, blue sea breezes come
from southwest in a summer
carrying wind-blown dusts
the wind-blown dusts are falling
thickening sediments
in our hearts there’s nothing else
nothing else but loess

The Sound Of Light


the sound of light
falls to the dewy grass
whistles through the humid weeds
swings by the wind of the prairie

the spark of light
parch in the dark sky
flashing down the porch
and old wooden door
of a lonely hut in the mountain’s lair

the sign of lives
sowing the seeds
in every eyes we see
in the sky and dancing flowers
when the windchimes swirl like a pendant
a little girl opens the door
stepping down the cobblestones
she runs like a wingless angel
to the wilderness of the prairie

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Twilight Paradise


majestic lights after sunset
golden twilight across the sea
above the guardian mountain
shadows and lights unite
can you hear?
can you feel?
the wind is singing a lullaby
embraced by rhythm of tides
along with stranded shells on the beach
enlightened by touch of waves
shimmering between corals
and glittering seaweeds
a melodic harmony

Novia, 2014

Heart Breaks


O, hard love
flicker in the night
a spark of storm’s pallette
in the sky of hearts
ferociously flowing down
like a silent dagger
sweet sound collides
discordant tones from a distance
scattering petals of fallen rose
heartbreaking after a light

Novia, June 2014


O, cinta keras
berkerlip-kerlip di malam hari
percikan palet badai
di langit hati
dengan berang melayang turun
seperti belati sunyi
suara manis bertabrakan
nada-nada sumbang di kejauhan
menghamburkan mahkota mawar yang jatuh
memilukan setelah cahaya

Novia, Juni 2014

Cold Heart


silver touch in your heart
bursting like winter
in empty chandelier
falling debris

snowflakes in your eyes
freeze the tears
of rusty old feeling
and a moment without sunshine

cold shrubs are blooming
out from the ground
flowing breeze drifts the airy scent
as cold as ice
as cold as your heart

Novia, 2014