The Nature Song

I lay my head on the fingers of trees
To the wind I feel serene
To the sun I hold my dreams
In a fresh flesh

I hear the birds build its nest
O’er lush trees, close to the sky
Birds are sacredly free
With the colour of spring on its wings
Befriend the nature, but not the preys

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The Merry Vineyard

red grape vines
bleaching over sunrise
its fingerlike leaves popping
with the sound of butterfly wings
red grapes glow hastily
a beauty’s ally

we dream of curling twigs on the vines
green canopy of leaves shading the land
fresh fruit bunches spurt under rain shower
glimpsed, blinked, sparkled
overflowing lights

how sweet,
the smell of crushed grapes
inside mouth
under the feet
dancing merrily
we’ll never get old under the vines
even if we grow old anyway,
we’ll get old happily

Poetry Prairie – 2015

When Autumn Comes

As the sky gets darker in your eyes
How beautiful the color changes in your waking days
The sky turns grey but light grows in you
I recall every image of fiery leaves that keep falling to the ground
As I burn in those memories of you

Before night comes too early
Soothing smile gleams over the horizon
Leaves are falling endlessly
From the festive deciduous trees
As much as our endless conversation
That hasn’t been spoken enough

Sunshine is bursting through the twigs
A spark of heaven’s light
As divine as the light in your eyes
And I can’t remember anything clearer than that
The brightest memory on longer autumn nights,
is your smile when autumn comes

Novia, May 2015

Beyond Taiga’s Skyline

over horizon lies
the dark snowforest
of moss-covered taiga
lightening old decaying lichens
where the sphere of krummholz are
chiselled by white icing wind,
sparse year after year
the perishing sunset
before windy night
perpetuates the sway of wind
on a long conversation with clouds
dancing freely
dancing merrily

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The Sound Of Light


the sound of light
falls to the dewy grass
whistles through the humid weeds
swings by the wind of the prairie

the spark of light
parch in the dark sky
flashing down the porch
and old wooden door
of a lonely hut in the mountain’s lair

the sign of lives
sowing the seeds
in every eyes we see
in the sky and dancing flowers
when the windchimes swirl like a pendant
a little girl opens the door
stepping down the cobblestones
she runs like a wingless angel
to the wilderness of the prairie

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Sri The Mountain Princess

A woman who grew up in the middle of deciduous teak forest
She was destined to live in the silence of singing land
Far from prosperity that is assumed equal to a crowning gold
But her heart is peaceful

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Twilight Paradise


majestic lights after sunset
golden twilight across the sea
above the guardian mountain
shadows and lights unite
can you hear?
can you feel?
the wind is singing a lullaby
embraced by rhythm of tides
along with stranded shells on the beach
enlightened by touch of waves
shimmering between corals
and glittering seaweeds
a melodic harmony

Novia, 2014

Borneo Sky

A thousand rivers in your arms
winding through forests
that has declining for ages,
gurgling on the edge of small lands
guardians of the rivers
before unite in the open sea

The eagle eyes catching wind
that blows the clouds,
reflecting in the water of rice fields
like a prism of mirrors

Blue canvas sky
above grief of the land
below magnetic equator
Once, a dense rainforest
between crying flow of rivers
Giant snappers and groupers grow wild
from headwaters to creeks
papuyu, lais, jelawat, seluang
all other local fishes
splash in the air,
perfect dish at night

the sky covers thousand miles of swamps
greener plantations
deeper quarries
bolder heavy trucks
cold bladed steel
digging greedier
indiscriminate deforestation

A shade of grey in the sky
Maybe we’ll meet again someday
When sky is more colourless

Banjarmasin – May 8th, 2014

Borneo is the third-largest island in the world and the largest island of Asia. The island is divided among three countries: Brunei and Malaysia on the north, and Indonesia to the south. Approximately 73% of the island is Indonesian territory. Borneo is home to one of the oldest rainforests in the world.