All The Words Are Yours


swarm of voices in your tongue
hurled down to your throat and 
reside in your lung
you speak your reading
as soft as hurricane

All the words are yours

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Would It Be

Would it be different
If it weren’t you
If it weren’t me
If it weren’t us together

Would it be different
If it wasn’t yesterday
If it isn’t today
If it isn’t our smiles that walked away

Would we be someone else
Someone else we’d never think we’d become
Would it be so hard together
When it wasn’t us?

Poetry Prairie
November 2015

Halt, My Child!


How can I warn you child?
Even I share the same blue tears
With sky and clouds that ring the earth
So do you hear the angel’s call?

Let me tell you my child
That life itself has the deepest secret
Beneath the volcanic crater
Of a calm mountain inside man’s chest

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Maybe life is supposed to be brutal
When you’re out of your mind
When you’re forgetting every little things in life
When you show your peculiar stupidity
When you throw your unconvincing reasons
When you feel that your fear is closer than your own skin
Then you try to hide your fear,
but instead you’re trapped in silence

Maybe life is supposed to be brutal
When your eyes feel like open sore
When you decipher your hate into rage
When you pledge your wounds to your soul
When you breathe without being alive
When you cry as hard as the rain
Then you try to pour out your tears,
but instead you’re drowned

Maybe life is supposed to be brutal
To soften the brutality in you
Maybe that’s how supposed to be

Poetry Prairie – 2015

Heart Breaks


O, hard love
flicker in the night
a spark of storm’s pallette
in the sky of hearts
ferociously flowing down
like a silent dagger
sweet sound collides
discordant tones from a distance
scattering petals of fallen rose
heartbreaking after a light

Novia, June 2014


O, cinta keras
berkerlip-kerlip di malam hari
percikan palet badai
di langit hati
dengan berang melayang turun
seperti belati sunyi
suara manis bertabrakan
nada-nada sumbang di kejauhan
menghamburkan mahkota mawar yang jatuh
memilukan setelah cahaya

Novia, Juni 2014


Hold my hands
Under tears of the sky
Under a cursed moonlight
Beneath storms and blizzards,
a wishful hurricane
Till karma ends
When my body is shattered
Reborn in your arms


Genggam tanganku
Dibawah tangisan langit
Dibawah kutukan sinar rembulan
Dibawah badai dan badai salju,
badai angan
Hingga karma berakhir
Saat tubuhku terberai
Terlahir kembali di tanganmu

Novia, 2014