Her Secret

she kisses a secret in deep sorrow,
at a lonely meadow
night has crawling inside her heart,
a heart without the light

“why does the moon have to be so bright?”, she says
she hides behind the colourless wind
trying to hide her face under the shade
where her tears become a secret

poetrynight #1



have you ever
                 ever felt
                          felt so misplaced

like the moon
                          shines on daylight

Novia, 2014

Lunar Mare

Dark moon, earth’s moon
Slightly brighter than black asphalt
Glowing in the night sky
Illuminated by the sun
Reddish on eclipse

Synchronous rotation of the moon
Always facing the earth the same way,
on the same side
Where mare and highlands are performing art

Lunar mare,
Lunar mare,
O, maria..
Large basaltic plains not seas
Dark regions in the darkness of the moon

I’m falling through the night
Under a false moonlight
Looking at the same surface
Lunar maria stay all night
Full moon casts a spell of lunacy

Novia, 19 May 2014