have you ever
                 ever felt
                          felt so misplaced

like the moon
                          shines on daylight

Novia, 2014

Soulless Calling

Cold hearts melt before midnight
Showing all true colors
there is no color after all
It’s just a deceive,
of misconception values
An unbound bonding,
of soulless calling
What’s left is only the passing of time
With no meaning after all

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i see those smiles
through the glass window
just like flying butterflies
across the meadow
i close my eyes
to let the wind blows
and i search for coloured pens
to stroke a smile above the sorrow

Novia, 2014


one day the world will end
proclaim the history
future’s prohibition
our name will fade
in extinction of existence
we left the shower of tears
in bottomless waterfall
our hands searching in the air
the pulling strings of fate
toss in feathers
to heaven

Novia, 2014



aku ingin menembus lorong waktu
merasuki raga telanjangmu
melepas dosa


I want to penetrate the passage of time
permeate the naked body
cast loose my sins

Novia, August 2014



His tragedy in the doorway
Following my name, of memory
Blackmailing sympathy
Fainted in blue

His silent memory
Cold, sharp and bitter
Like a venom
Of sheer pink rose

It’s truncated
Like pieces of wailing sun,
in my eyes
I want to stop saying his name
We are nothing but a broken wind

Novia, 2014

Balada Hati

Manusia itu gila kalau percaya pada hatinya
Cobalah bertanya,
“Hati, apakah kau suka dia?”
Dijawab iya
Lama-lama hati bertingkah
Buta arah entah gerah
Lalu hati meninggalkan dia tanpa menoleh kembali
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I, When I Was A Child


A short memory lingers
With a coastal scent
On a bright afternoon
Of enormous sea wind

I supposed to take a nap
But I want to see sea’s map
So my mother tied up my dress’s ribbon
To the arms of a doss

I cried as the heat rose
Unstoppable wish
I took a knife and cut the ribbon
Ran to the sea

The rest, I can’t remember
I can’t recall how persistent I can be
Even now I’m still running after the sea
On an endless journey

Tangerang Selatan, 2014