When Autumn Comes

As the sky gets darker in your eyes How beautiful the color changes in your waking days The sky turns grey but light grows in you I recall every image of fiery leaves that keep falling to the ground As I burn in those memories of you Before night comes too early Soothing smile gleams …

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At some point, I don’t write poetry Or something in rhyme I just want to see pictures that bring back some good memories Novia

One Morning

One bright morning, where dreams never sleep it’s ritual to kiss the light that glows on the tip of leafs One lovely airy morning, children are dancing in the park spring up grass and flowers under brown big trees One singing morning, a little girl climbed the strongest trunk of a green leafy tree with …

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His tragedy in the doorway Following my name, of memory Blackmailing sympathy Fainted in blue His silent memory Cold, sharp and bitter Like a venom Of sheer pink rose It’s truncated Like pieces of wailing sun, in my eyes I want to stop saying his name We are nothing but a broken wind Novia, 2014

I, When I Was A Child

A short memory lingers With a coastal scent On a bright afternoon Of enormous sea wind I supposed to take a nap But I want to see sea’s map So my mother tied up my dress’s ribbon To the arms of a doss I cried as the heat rose Unstoppable wish I took a knife …

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