I can see love, so green
An age long remedy that keeps me in the aisles
So pure till I can touch my own soul
A blessing in disguise I have to find

I can see love, so green
It’s the touch of an invisible truth
What lies beneath?
It’s blinded me with the beauty of it

I can see love, so green
It comes along with a white soft chill
Enchanted together in chastity
O, it’s a blitz of bliss!

I can see love, so green
It is a sight for sore eyes
A cherish moment that destined to be mine
Reminiscent of divine denouement

I can feel love, so glory
The fragile sprouts burst from a pitch dark soil
Suddenly I’m lost in the cloverfield
Greens take my heart away

I sing for the spring, so lovely
A holy scheme of nature I found peace
Rising with hopes and dreams and future
As I lay down in the cloverfield

Novia, 2008