Twilight Paradise


majestic lights after sunset
golden twilight across the sea
above the guardian mountain
shadows and lights unite
can you hear?
can you feel?
the wind is singing a lullaby
embraced by rhythm of tides
along with stranded shells on the beach
enlightened by touch of waves
shimmering between corals
and glittering seaweeds
a melodic harmony

Novia, 2014

Ring Of Fire Country


There was nothing wrong
When the title ordained
The Lord has pinned thousands of islands
Equator, equator
The emeralds sparkle on your feet

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Hell Train




A train comes out from the morning
Steels are rustling together with dews
Evaporating the night

Beautiful people are marching in
Go to work, go to school, go to a court
Go to park, go to party, go to a date
Endless long queue
Like a paper craft
That makes their fingers dancing
Tapping their hips
Stepping in rage
Pulling the string of self-egoism

Wrestling breasts
Chin to shoulder
Armpits to nose
Bellies to butts
Butt, fart
And breath is like a wave
above eyelashes

A lady breaks the crowd with rush
Challenging human-wall
In the edge of an open door
Dying to get in
Despite her elegant look, she shouts
Shouting that people inside are not human
Friends of Satan
While others are smirking,
Their faces are covered with sweat
Running to lips
As their bones crush to each other
can turns human into evil

Novia, 2014

Seventh Layer


Waktu tak akan berhenti untuk menyambutmu,
di daun pintu yang terbuka
Atau pada bening hujan yang membeku,
di mata ibumu

Waktu akan membiarkanmu mencari
Di tengah jeritan angin yang ribut bersuara
Di tengah serpihan kaca yang beterbangan
Sebuah jalan tersembunyi
Di kedalaman hati atau kegilaan diri

Lihatlah di balik lapisan kulit ketujuh
Diatas langit ketujuh
Tangisan bercucuran
Mendambakan cinta

Novia, 2014

English Version:


Time won’t stop to greet you,
in an open door
Or in a frosted clear rain water,
in your mother’s eyes

Time will let you search
In the middle of a howling wind
In the middle of flying scattered broken glasses
A hidden path
In the depth of the heart or inside insanity

See beneath the seventh layer of the skin
Above the seventh sky
Tears are falling
Longing for love