Would It Be

Would it be different
If it weren’t you
If it weren’t me
If it weren’t us together

Would it be different
If it wasn’t yesterday
If it isn’t today
If it isn’t our smiles that walked away

Would we be someone else
Someone else we’d never think we’d become
Would it be so hard together
When it wasn’t us?

Poetry Prairie
November 2015

After Years

How vast this sky to be the pillow
Over nights and wicked dreams of longing
Desire, despair, desolation
That burn under these city lights

Million faces unrecognized
On the streets and nameless addresses
I feel like a shell under the stars
Like an artificial glory

It is the home that paints the sky
With sparkling soft lights at night
And after years the colors are changing
On my window, folded in blue

I kept my love under the deepest tomb
To keep it treasured in the sky
Everytime I go to sleep at night
A million stars away

Poetry Prairie – 2015