His tragedy in the doorway
Following my name, of memory
Blackmailing sympathy
Fainted in blue

His silent memory
Cold, sharp and bitter
Like a venom
Of sheer pink rose

It’s truncated
Like pieces of wailing sun,
in my eyes
I want to stop saying his name
We are nothing but a broken wind

Novia, 2014


Furious eyes behind glasses
Suddenly the hair turns white
Older in rage
Bolder in stage

All he worries
All he fears
All his dreams are pride and money
So he works like a stomping horse
Like a frantic gladiator

We see no sun
We see no home
We taste no homemade cooking
We hear no our children’s laugh

Everything is greater than us
He doesn’t want our names
He doesn’t want our souls
He only wants a gold pillow in his dream

Novia, 2014

The Eyes

Eyes are staring
To the wall
To the empty sheet
Full of words
Full of ambition

Eyes are dancing
Under running light
Under glowing sun light
Dream of a party
Dream of a glory

Eyes are wandering
Over the clouds outside the window
Over the unbound hearts
Lost in perception
Lost in direction

Novia, 2014

The Legacies

The world is sliding over time between celestial spaces
Expanded to form its own original shape
Vivid in the blessing of the universe
Mystically guarded by wisdom words
An odyssey began, path of travellers of life

Through fire and water it condensed
Softened the harshness of the globe
Lives were blooming like a sea of flowers
Lives in the sea, land and air
Living days of grace through the season

Artless beauty has risen like a magnificent painting
The colors grew as the source of life
Harmony poured in mind and soul
For they who honor the sacred creation
It is the legacy of the nature

Civilization has spread from a peaceful prairie to a raw rainforest
From a dreadful desert to an imperishable ice land
Custom differs as the culture’s jewellery
With ancient uniqueness of heredity that lasts long through ages
It is the legacy of human kind

Spirits in hunger have searched the way into paradise
The brightest path of the Prophets, they have revealed with sacrifice
Preaches to papyrus and parchment then paper
They lead them to divinity
It is the legacy of the faith

These are the legacies of generations
Enshrined in every soul sanctuary
A jubilee of enlightened darkness

Novia, 2008

Seventh Layer


Waktu tak akan berhenti untuk menyambutmu,
di daun pintu yang terbuka
Atau pada bening hujan yang membeku,
di mata ibumu

Waktu akan membiarkanmu mencari
Di tengah jeritan angin yang ribut bersuara
Di tengah serpihan kaca yang beterbangan
Sebuah jalan tersembunyi
Di kedalaman hati atau kegilaan diri

Lihatlah di balik lapisan kulit ketujuh
Diatas langit ketujuh
Tangisan bercucuran
Mendambakan cinta

Novia, 2014

English Version:


Time won’t stop to greet you,
in an open door
Or in a frosted clear rain water,
in your mother’s eyes

Time will let you search
In the middle of a howling wind
In the middle of flying scattered broken glasses
A hidden path
In the depth of the heart or inside insanity

See beneath the seventh layer of the skin
Above the seventh sky
Tears are falling
Longing for love