His tragedy in the doorway Following my name, of memory Blackmailing sympathy Fainted in blue His silent memory Cold, sharp and bitter Like a venom Of sheer pink rose It’s truncated Like pieces of wailing sun, in my eyes I want to stop saying his name We are nothing but a broken wind Novia, 2014



Furious eyes behind glasses Suddenly the hair turns white Older in rage Bolder in stage All he worries All he fears All his dreams are pride and money So he works like a stomping horse Like a frantic gladiator We see no sun We see no home We taste no homemade cooking We hear no …

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The Eyes

Eyes are staring To the wall To the empty sheet Full of words Full of ambition Eyes are dancing Under running light Under glowing sun light Dream of a party Dream of a glory Eyes are wandering Over the clouds outside the window Over the unbound hearts Lost in perception Lost in direction Novia, 2014

The Legacies

The world is sliding over time between celestial spaces Expanded to form its own original shape Vivid in the blessing of the universe Mystically guarded by wisdom words An odyssey began, path of travellers of life Through fire and water it condensed Softened the harshness of the globe Lives were blooming like a sea of …

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Seventh Layer

LAPISAN KETUJUH Waktu tak akan berhenti untuk menyambutmu, di daun pintu yang terbuka Atau pada bening hujan yang membeku, di mata ibumu Waktu akan membiarkanmu mencari Di tengah jeritan angin yang ribut bersuara Di tengah serpihan kaca yang beterbangan Sebuah jalan tersembunyi Di kedalaman hati atau kegilaan diri Lihatlah di balik lapisan kulit ketujuh Diatas …

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