Love Drift

Love Shines

carve your eyes with love
that ignites your soul, wrapped to your bones
all your eyes see are not always something to be
but all your heart sees are meant to be something
trust the hands in your heart
that carved the love in your sight
let all shine your natural light

©PoetryPrairie – 2016

A Place To Live

you try to place yourself in this world
up from where your soul blooms
on the skin 
over the earth’s crusts 
open-close your eyes
to feel alive

how can this burning chest
holding the air in your lungs
are you really a holy creation,
you asked yourself in silence

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Her Living Necklace

I put a necklace around her neck
her wrinkled neck was suddenly brighter
the crystal beads matched
perfectly with her hair

Her delicate grey hair
touched the tear-like crystal around her neck
blemished her skin tone
beyond her true beauty

Her eyes glow by the light
reflected on each flare
she smiled so secretly
then she put the necklace
on her jewelry box

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Follow The Sun

If corona burns in your daylight and night
You trust your heart to a spectrum of light
Moon and stars are shining yet you take another journey
Where your heart grows and silently lonely

Head to the west to follow the sun
Giving your best to alter your eyes perspective
You hate your mind’s perfection
Then let it all burn under the sun

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Mother of Roots

pitch dark soil is burying deep
the cold young roots
spreading to the center of the earth
toward water, away from air,
away from light
cultivating power

their pointy fingers are wiggling
replacing tears with nutrients
carving the pith and sapwood vessels
so leaves can taste the water then the flowers will bloom

those stem that lives among numerous lignin
in the middle of the widened tree rings
life is spinning,
be still and silent in the heartwood’s tomb

root is like a mother,
who gave her entire life
being fragile in silence
when the stem is rising,
twigs are opening up their canopies,
leaves are curling,
thousands of times till they touch the ground
when death is the only
time for them to be united

Poetry Prairie – 2015

Old Sea


Old hills where you saw
anchoring ships
down the ocean and open shore,
were where you buried
your childhood memories
in a sacred grave

Blue lights of sky,
heat waves that touched your face
swept by the frantic wind
through your hair, through your armpit,
through every part of your shivering body
longing for freedom
and careless journey

Your father’s hand
were like the sea
bending you with unspoken love,
Even if it was only the wind
that heard
your every song to the sea
the sea is getting older
alongside with you

Poetry Prairie – 2015

Dawn’s Recitation

golden gate embraces
far eastern sky
that meddled on faces
beyond shadows,
light falls
down the thin line
of open sky
murmuring recitation,
a heaven’s prodigy
a sacred remedy
for lives that follow the path
the sanity of light

-Novia, June 2015-

Go Write Your Life

go write a song, a story or poem
after rain, after storm or after life
for tears that we cannot hold back
for years that we paint with dark

   lay here, honey
   maybe you think too much

feel the hiss of soft air
through the window in your eyes
it’s not about something you write
but what you see, you think, you do
that embedded to your soul

Novia, 2015