All The Words Are Yours


swarm of voices in your tongue
hurled down to your throat and 
reside in your lung
you speak your reading
as soft as hurricane

All the words are yours

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Halt, My Child!


How can I warn you child?
Even I share the same blue tears
With sky and clouds that ring the earth
So do you hear the angel’s call?

Let me tell you my child
That life itself has the deepest secret
Beneath the volcanic crater
Of a calm mountain inside man’s chest

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Maybe life is supposed to be brutal
When you’re out of your mind
When you’re forgetting every little things in life
When you show your peculiar stupidity
When you throw your unconvincing reasons
When you feel that your fear is closer than your own skin
Then you try to hide your fear,
but instead you’re trapped in silence

Maybe life is supposed to be brutal
When your eyes feel like open sore
When you decipher your hate into rage
When you pledge your wounds to your soul
When you breathe without being alive
When you cry as hard as the rain
Then you try to pour out your tears,
but instead you’re drowned

Maybe life is supposed to be brutal
To soften the brutality in you
Maybe that’s how supposed to be

Poetry Prairie – 2015

Dawn’s Recitation

golden gate embraces
far eastern sky
that meddled on faces
beyond shadows,
light falls
down the thin line
of open sky
murmuring recitation,
a heaven’s prodigy
a sacred remedy
for lives that follow the path
the sanity of light

-Novia, June 2015-

When Autumn Comes

As the sky gets darker in your eyes
How beautiful the color changes in your waking days
The sky turns grey but light grows in you
I recall every image of fiery leaves that keep falling to the ground
As I burn in those memories of you

Before night comes too early
Soothing smile gleams over the horizon
Leaves are falling endlessly
From the festive deciduous trees
As much as our endless conversation
That hasn’t been spoken enough

Sunshine is bursting through the twigs
A spark of heaven’s light
As divine as the light in your eyes
And I can’t remember anything clearer than that
The brightest memory on longer autumn nights,
is your smile when autumn comes

Novia, May 2015

Nyanyian Debu

angin menjemput debu yang dipanggang terik
kabur dari tanah sunyi dan dekap bumi
milyaran partikel pengisi troposfer
selalu, tak dikenali waktu
debu menari di atas jemari pepohonan 
mengetuk atap-atap rumbia
semadi di kawah dan doa lembah
pasrah angin menjemput dijamah surai cahaya
debu tenggelam di palung samudera

serupa itukah kau labur debu
pada luka-luka
menganga serupa sungai
dalam gua tanpa cahaya
mengalir deras ke bibir lautan
kata tersusun jadi nyanyian debumu
bersama angin yang menjerit
lebur dalam kisah-kisahmu
darah semesta

Go Write Your Life

go write a song, a story or poem
after rain, after storm or after life
for tears that we cannot hold back
for years that we paint with dark

   lay here, honey
   maybe you think too much

feel the hiss of soft air
through the window in your eyes
it’s not about something you write
but what you see, you think, you do
that embedded to your soul

Novia, 2015

Beyond Taiga’s Skyline

over horizon lies
the dark snowforest
of moss-covered taiga
lightening old decaying lichens
where the sphere of krummholz are
chiselled by white icing wind,
sparse year after year
the perishing sunset
before windy night
perpetuates the sway of wind
on a long conversation with clouds
dancing freely
dancing merrily

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