Halt, My Child!


How can I warn you child?
Even I share the same blue tears
With sky and clouds that ring the earth
So do you hear the angel’s call?

Let me tell you my child
That life itself has the deepest secret
Beneath the volcanic crater
Of a calm mountain inside man’s chest

I have my fear
So I whisper the wisdom
I sing the love
I speak the faith
I scream the bravery
For you

No, not until the end of the world
My hands suppress your spine
So you must walk all the way
With all the light that you’ve got
In your eyes, in your mind, in your soul

In this old and withered world
I cannot hold myself to say this,
beware of the shadows
Cause not every shadow gives you shade
Don’t be afraid of banshees or werewolves
But for ones who forget their soul
Who crane their hands to your face
With lust and hidden darkness

We cannot foresee
For everything we should be
Inside a labyrinth of string
That remarks our patterned patchwork
I want you to hear me child
And halt for a second
Everytime your heart beats faster
Because of fear
Because of terror that lurks
That we have to face and conquer

I lay my hands over you
To smelt the heart and soul
To loop prayers as the winged guardians
And you must give yourself
To the brightest light of faith
Where darkness cannot touch

Poetry Prairie – 2015

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