All The Words Are Yours


swarm of voices in your tongue
hurled down to your throat and 
reside in your lung
you speak your reading
as soft as hurricane

All the words are yours

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Follow The Sun

If corona burns in your daylight and night
You trust your heart to a spectrum of light
Moon and stars are shining yet you take another journey
Where your heart grows and silently lonely

Head to the west to follow the sun
Giving your best to alter your eyes perspective
You hate your mind’s perfection
Then let it all burn under the sun

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Flying Coffin

someone died last night
a neighbor five houses away
which means that death is pretty near
I don’t know his name
nowadays the relationship somehow feels
so far

when his body was buried
soon after dusk vanished the mourners dispersed
after awhile they gathered again to enforce dua and prayers
just like spreading flower petals to the air
as the road for the dead to heaven
but only God knows

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Maybe life is supposed to be brutal
When you’re out of your mind
When you’re forgetting every little things in life
When you show your peculiar stupidity
When you throw your unconvincing reasons
When you feel that your fear is closer than your own skin
Then you try to hide your fear,
but instead you’re trapped in silence

Maybe life is supposed to be brutal
When your eyes feel like open sore
When you decipher your hate into rage
When you pledge your wounds to your soul
When you breathe without being alive
When you cry as hard as the rain
Then you try to pour out your tears,
but instead you’re drowned

Maybe life is supposed to be brutal
To soften the brutality in you
Maybe that’s how supposed to be

Poetry Prairie – 2015