Beyond Taiga’s Skyline

over horizon lies
the dark snowforest
of moss-covered taiga
lightening old decaying lichens
where the sphere of krummholz are
chiselled by white icing wind,
sparse year after year
the perishing sunset
before windy night
perpetuates the sway of wind
on a long conversation with clouds
dancing freely
dancing merrily

silverish fur glows
upon the broken sunset
an age apocalypse
at the midst of rocks
where scattered trees battered
on the treeless uplands
heart beats
jolting strong muscles
floating thin air
running wild above the wind
over high steppe
in haste to prey
the owl’s soft howls
from above conifer’s fingers
flowing across permafrost lands
enchanting lullabies
when hares snuck into darkness
and mooses lay antlers to cold shrubs
whilst grey wolves stay bright
under moonlight
constrained fierce eyes
colder by snowflakes
from faraway tundra
Novia, 2015

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