Dawn’s Recitation

golden gate embraces far eastern sky that meddled on faces beyond shadows, light falls down the thin line of open sky murmuring recitation, a heaven's prodigy a sacred remedy for lives that follow the path the sanity of light -Novia, June 2015-



His tragedy in the doorway Following my name, of memory Blackmailing sympathy Fainted in blue His silent memory Cold, sharp and bitter Like a venom Of sheer pink rose It’s truncated Like pieces of wailing sun, in my eyes I want to stop saying his name We are nothing but a broken wind Novia, 2014

Night Blooming Cereus

When darkness fall Some souls fade away To the moon and the sky Howling with the wind to break the night After nightfall There’s a blooming princess Shining white in golden lights Full blossoms, night after night A throning ceremony in the midnight Hear the whisper of a dancing fragrant Here she comes, Queen of …

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Going Home In Rain

Flying birds magnetized to a tree As the raindrops falling free As the sun recedes behind the clouds As the thunder growling out loud I remember, when I was a child I used to love dancing under the rain But when I grow up and running wild Sometimes I forgot the memory in my brain …

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Night Fiesta On Magical World

I walk alone, I walk alone Through a wooden chocolate forest and sweet sugar glaze Lollipopmoon swirling around Till strawberry juice falling down Sweet lips are hanging on the clouds in the wide open skies Sweet lips are smiling so the stars will shine I’ll kiss those lips to steal a smile In a world …

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Black Suede Pillow

Behind the shadow of a nightmare Sleepless under the trees Whistling with the constellation of the stars Full moon over mahogany fingers A night journey has begun Darkened sky and smokey rivers Where souls attached without questions After a day, night has become a magic healer Black suede pillow A remedy like pills afterglow Night …

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The Morning Street Walker

Time is ticking slow In this almost-dawn side of the street It’s slightly dark O, tightly chill The eyes are wide open Waiting patiently Waiting for a promise to see Till he kisses the falling rays Till he can sway the violet breeze Till he reveals the unseen colors Till he can taste the sweetness …

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Parts Of My Life

There are parts in my life when I’m feeling not alive When I see my fingers laying on my chest Deep wrinkled in white Deep down inside Like a sorrow in a hollow There are parts in my life that I regret all the time Memories attached lingers in my dreams Deep within the heart …

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Magic Mirror

if a magic mirror can’t tell you the truth that lies deep in your heart maybe you should try to break it hoping that the pieces won’t scratch the skin cause when the glass is shattered then your heart will be broken either there you will see undeceiving shape of your selfbelief Novia, 2010