A Broken Heart

When love is broken
It’s spinning in the back of your eyes
Curling from your spine
Oppressing your heart
And you lie breathless
Looking at the still window
To the distance so far away
Where you cannot find
A place to rest your sight

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Invisibility that you created
Behind the door and open crypt
A hidden passage that you built,
buried you down
Somehow it hurts

Novia, 2014

Moonlight Children

The children cried to the moonlight
Neglected, a lonely rhapsody
Only names left alone
On a crowded orphanage

Life has written the parent’s fate
Died with no memories
Unknown like the wind
Some left because of poverty
Or rejection of defected babies

Abusive nights and dirty plates
Craving for instant noodles
Sleeping on thin blanket on the floor
Feverish babies

Neglecting odors flew through the window
No education or toys or plays
There’s only moon that smile in the shadow

Novia, 2014

A Hidden Sadness

The stars are dancing
The moon is singing a lullaby
Truly alive in a single full breath
So soon, fading away

Behind a million smiles
A sparkling blue rain
Drops in the open eyes
Flowing without a trace
Infiltrate the heart

Novia, 2014