One Morning

One bright morning, where dreams never sleep it’s ritual to kiss the light that glows on the tip of leafs One lovely airy morning, children are dancing in the park spring up grass and flowers under brown big trees One singing morning, a little girl climbed the strongest trunk of a green leafy tree with …

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A Boy From The Wood

I live deep in the wood With my limp father and a blind mother Our house was built from braided barks At night the lamp solely aglow While we’re eating boiled peanut and corn I have friends, A lizard at the back of my house Brown birds that sing with me on top of the …

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Moonlight Children

The children cried to the moonlight Neglected, a lonely rhapsody Only names left alone On a crowded orphanage Life has written the parent’s fate Died with no memories Unknown like the wind Some left because of poverty Or rejection of defected babies Abusive nights and dirty plates Craving for instant noodles Sleeping on thin blanket …

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