Old Sea


Old hills where you saw
anchoring ships
down the ocean and open shore,
were where you buried
your childhood memories
in a sacred grave

Blue lights of sky,
heat waves that touched your face
swept by the frantic wind
through your hair, through your armpit,
through every part of your shivering body
longing for freedom
and careless journey

Your father’s hand
were like the sea
bending you with unspoken love,
Even if it was only the wind
that heard
your every song to the sea
the sea is getting older
alongside with you

Poetry Prairie – 2015

Twilight Paradise


majestic lights after sunset
golden twilight across the sea
above the guardian mountain
shadows and lights unite
can you hear?
can you feel?
the wind is singing a lullaby
embraced by rhythm of tides
along with stranded shells on the beach
enlightened by touch of waves
shimmering between corals
and glittering seaweeds
a melodic harmony

Novia, 2014

I, When I Was A Child


A short memory lingers
With a coastal scent
On a bright afternoon
Of enormous sea wind

I supposed to take a nap
But I want to see sea’s map
So my mother tied up my dress’s ribbon
To the arms of a doss

I cried as the heat rose
Unstoppable wish
I took a knife and cut the ribbon
Ran to the sea

The rest, I can’t remember
I can’t recall how persistent I can be
Even now I’m still running after the sea
On an endless journey

Tangerang Selatan, 2014