The Flower

her wordless wings set free by the lights of bonfire beneath cold dirty ground dark bloods that she spilled over dirty banded bones in her wounded heart melted in secret we can not pretend anymore, child how this world is contagious with curse of evil thoughts and villain deeds, she broke and she bent like …

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Cold salamander created from flames Puts out fire on everything it touches Spitting toxin everywhere Leafs fall off from the tree Poisoned fruits, killing everyone who ate them It’s you, nasty monster Born from grief of salamander Your eyes are black Your hands are dark Your heart is even darker Preying on a child and …

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Moonlight Children

The children cried to the moonlight Neglected, a lonely rhapsody Only names left alone On a crowded orphanage Life has written the parent’s fate Died with no memories Unknown like the wind Some left because of poverty Or rejection of defected babies Abusive nights and dirty plates Craving for instant noodles Sleeping on thin blanket …

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