Her Living Necklace

I put a necklace around her neck
her wrinkled neck was suddenly brighter
the crystal beads matched
perfectly with her hair

Her delicate grey hair
touched the tear-like crystal around her neck
blemished her skin tone
beyond her true beauty

Her eyes glow by the light
reflected on each flare
she smiled so secretly
then she put the necklace
on her jewelry box

Thank you, dear
I’ll look gorgeous to wear this on a party

The next morning she woke up
on her borderless white bedroom
sungleam fell on her face
and she could see her chest
glowing like a saint’s wonder
just as her granddaughter entered
jumping on her bed
pulled her hair and smiled

She called me and asked
to take their picture when they just woke up
then I did,
I thought it was a perfect time
for one more frame
so I set the timer and ran to their side
my daughter and I put our hands around her neck
like a pendant
when the sunshine showered our faces

She took the camera, saw the picture
She took a deep breath and whispered something like, “It’s perfect”
“Yes, it’s a perfect picture”, I replied
She nodded and said,
“No, both of you are perfect”

Jakarta, 20 Januari 2016

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