The Sound Of Light


the sound of light
falls to the dewy grass
whistles through the humid weeds
swings by the wind of the prairie

the spark of light
parch in the dark sky
flashing down the porch
and old wooden door
of a lonely hut in the mountain’s lair

the sign of lives
sowing the seeds
in every eyes we see
in the sky and dancing flowers
when the windchimes swirl like a pendant
a little girl opens the door
stepping down the cobblestones
she runs like a wingless angel
to the wilderness of the prairie

dancing daisies
swinging pansies
surrounding wooden fences
where horses running free
out of the stall
flapping their hair in style
over the broken sunlight in their eyes

the wind blows from the mountain
carries down the summit whisper
to the girl’s braided hair
with the sound of light she grows
like wild flowers beyond the mountain’s cloak
she never asked more
for what is worth in her life
already sing with her

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