The Legacies

The world is sliding over time between celestial spaces
Expanded to form its own original shape
Vivid in the blessing of the universe
Mystically guarded by wisdom words
An odyssey began, path of travellers of life

Through fire and water it condensed
Softened the harshness of the globe
Lives were blooming like a sea of flowers
Lives in the sea, land and air
Living days of grace through the season

Artless beauty has risen like a magnificent painting
The colors grew as the source of life
Harmony poured in mind and soul
For they who honor the sacred creation
It is the legacy of the nature

Civilization has spread from a peaceful prairie to a raw rainforest
From a dreadful desert to an imperishable ice land
Custom differs as the culture’s jewellery
With ancient uniqueness of heredity that lasts long through ages
It is the legacy of human kind

Spirits in hunger have searched the way into paradise
The brightest path of the Prophets, they have revealed with sacrifice
Preaches to papyrus and parchment then paper
They lead them to divinity
It is the legacy of the faith

These are the legacies of generations
Enshrined in every soul sanctuary
A jubilee of enlightened darkness

Novia, 2008

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