The Desert Ride

when brightness plows the surface  to its limit street's burned by the afternoon sun and cracked by the friction of tyres that disrupt the sandy air, flaking up nearside stones long ride through an orange road blasting the heat outside where lives are bent  and oppressed naturally as written on nomad's diary dark muscular men …

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Hold my hands Under tears of the sky Under a cursed moonlight Beneath storms and blizzards, a wishful hurricane Till karma ends When my body is shattered Reborn in your arms TERLAHIR KEMBALI Genggam tanganku Dibawah tangisan langit Dibawah kutukan sinar rembulan Dibawah badai dan badai salju, badai angan Hingga karma berakhir Saat tubuhku terberai …

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A Boy From The Wood

I live deep in the wood With my limp father and a blind mother Our house was built from braided barks At night the lamp solely aglow While we’re eating boiled peanut and corn I have friends, A lizard at the back of my house Brown birds that sing with me on top of the …

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