Igniting Lights

Black holes spinning in bed lurking in roads ornamenting the sky blossoming in hearts Too long Too deep attach in flesh infiltrate, like a whisper a morning shiver How long this longing of shining lights will flourish in atonement? Novia, 2014



Furious eyes behind glasses Suddenly the hair turns white Older in rage Bolder in stage All he worries All he fears All his dreams are pride and money So he works like a stomping horse Like a frantic gladiator We see no sun We see no home We taste no homemade cooking We hear no …

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Outer Space Alien

I used to think that someday I'll be flying high, to the moon or so Chasing cumulonimbus in blue, racing with helium in the sky Across the atmosphere, the line that defines humanity I am no superhero that saves the day I'm not a warrior, hurries for space war Armageddon just have to wait until …

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