someone died last night
a neighbor five houses away
which means that death is pretty near
I don’t know his name
nowadays the relationship somehow feels
so far

when his body was buried
soon after dusk vanished the mourners dispersed
after awhile they gathered again to enforce dua and prayers
just like spreading flower petals to the air
as the road for the dead to heaven
but only God knows

late at night the cries subsided
grief also needed its time to sleep
the night’s charm was chanting the village road
flame lit by a row of kerosene
on the walls of the houses

that night near the cemetery
an iron coffin was creaking without wind
the hinges shut by itself
when birds of the night withdrew behind the trees

that night the coffin flew alone
when the wind stopped breathing
O, death may come tomorrow
we, humans will never know
only angels,
that act upon God’s commandment