The Morning Street Walker

Time is ticking slow
In this almost-dawn side of the street
It’s slightly dark
O, tightly chill

The eyes are wide open
Waiting patiently
Waiting for a promise to see

Till he kisses the falling rays
Till he can sway the violet breeze
Till he reveals the unseen colors
Till he can taste the sweetness of glazing dews

So he takes the very first step
Humming along the street
Feet by feet
Lighter than ever

Under the shades a homeless sleeps over dusts
Undisturbed, as if no day awaits
Behind the shadows wild cats linger in circle
Unaware, as if nowhere to hide

When sunrise touches the sky
He’s been there to see, in the street
When solar heat diminishes the breeze
He’s been there to feel, in the street
When lives awake like a blossom
He’s been there to meet, in the street

It’s a promise to see hope
It’s a promise to feel gratitude
It’s a promise to meet his self belief
It’s a promise to remember
In every morning where day begins
Because he’s the morning street walker

Novia, 2008

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