The Tunes of Earth

Ever clearer in search, through will unfettered
expanding as the rays, where no fear’s define
so now, I tread at the flowering bridge
to sense thy scent, never to return

…and each lonely trees that devours this path
felt how my passion is wanting
to enter the fathomless forest
with shut eyes as the sacred rose
regardless of all-vanity

The howls of mountain, which resounds from afar
as I walked upon this moonless skies
and approach them not with doubt in heart
the green harmony, so beautiful and old

Through this mist symphony
yes, which bring my deepest peace
to heed the call of the wild
a voice without sound

…and behold, my spirit yearns
for thou art the earth’s keeper
who placed the words of praise upon my lips
of man and woman, for the love are thine

Arya D. Pratama. To me poetry is a message, a call without the sound.


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