Maybe it is just one of his random notion,
Or the result of his complex contemplation,
When he blurted out his favourite tone out of summer hue’s gradation
Blue is the calmest colour, he said, it is the epitome of a tragic illusion.

Just look at the sky, he continues without any hesitation,
The bluish hue is just another form of deception,
letting us believe that the sky is within our reach, messing with our ideal conception.
His view of the said tint sadly filled with too much contradiction.

Little that he knows that I agree to disagree on his revelation,
As what I see from the hue itself is the reason for my opposition,
Blue reminds me of him, the object of my absolute adoration,
Filling my sleepless nights with memories that are worth to mention.

If only he knows,
maybe he would finally give the said tint its deserving appreciation.

Penulis: Jennifer Jaenata


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