Out in the heaven so blue
swirls the silvering clouds,
with the edges fly, and monsoon dies,
men challenged the storm, and with thunder crushed.

What violence, said the men,
could rattle the canopy and
tear the fiery rays asunder?
or quisle the dying gold of Her grandiose,
or maul the sun till ocean’s bleed.

And underneath, the ocean foams and twirls,
with Gods and Goddesses from the river’s rage.
All men, women in silk and hued zest sing
“be calm, sea - the ashes of my love sleep therein!”

Underneath, the devil and Poseidon are chanting
lullaby and haunting serenade
to bid the Nicobar coast a sweet dream.

Sea of turmoil, will you speak
the hour of my death?
until the restful temper of eve
claims Nicobar an Eden

Author: Sarita Diang