We came in this world, alone
Looking with own eyes
Hearing with both ears
Speaking through one’s lips

We learn about world, together
Cared by parents
Laughing with brothers
Sharing with sister

We enjoy the world, with partners
Spending times with friends
Crying loud with comrades
Fooling around with mates

We love our world, in couples
Hugging them in closeness
Supporting each other
Endless kisses one another

We leave this world, forever
Alone but not scared
‘Cause all the time with others
Makes it feel not that bitter

As our goodbyes meant for something better


Fariza Nur Shabrina. If I were words, then I’m searching for the right punctuations. Writing is my muse.
People born, people dies. That’s how it was, how it is, and how it’s going to be. But between those births and deaths, there is life. It is impossible to avoid death, but we can always make our life
memorable, as to not regret when the time has come.

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