Suspirium of impression
Love at the time of occupation
Obviously clearly want to go
But was surprised to see the argo

Suspirium of being curious
Think about how to make a chorus
But don’t have a piano
Can’t play an instrument, oh no

Suspirium of an attempt
Some chats that were rescript
1 minute compared to 47 minutes
Start to be self solicitous

Suspirium of reality
Dusk with scenery of unacceptability
Saw her with some branded clothes
Mirror myself, hypercriticize

Suspirium of dejected
Unreasonable and unwarranted
Do you think loving is easy?
No kidding, it’s a messy

Suspirium of conclusion
Send this when media social is on
Smarting by reason of love
Time can’t be halved

Author: Farhan Yugarpaksi