The Desert Ride


when brightness plows the surface 
to its limit
street’s burned by the afternoon sun
and cracked by the friction of tyres
that disrupt the sandy air,
flaking up nearside stones

long ride through an orange road
blasting the heat outside
where lives are bent 
and oppressed naturally
as written on nomad’s diary

dark muscular men in white thawbs,
the heirs of the land,
tightened aghals on their keffiyehs
a contrast to their rough beard 
drive hard on entourage

after miles the asphalt is melted
into reddish dunes
the cars detour their way
up and down through the hills
passing through wavy patterns of sand
wind carved, sun burned 
and dusts are flying in the air

on a vast platform the journey ends
under the solar circle that wash the desert shrubs
cars are parking on the west sideways
where the sun sinks as falling rays
sharpen the silhouette of dashing cars

night reveals its face, a cold sharp waves
the warmth of bonfire lit the desert sky 
that’s when the stars open their eyes
in every harshness lies a story
that carved in every bite of a foreign taste
then it was swept into the dreams
the time inscription
of the desert memories

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