Whisper to Me

Whisper, whisper to me, when the day is still bright.
Let my eyes look for the light.
For my night looms over my back.
Waiting, for the opportunity, to pounce from behind.
To drag me into the dark.
A place, where prayers
rest in peace.

Whisper, whisper to me.
I know my drought no longer long.
So from the endless adventure, I’m going home.
For the seeds have to be sown,
and the field is waiting to be planted.

Whisper, whisper to me,
about the end of everything.
For I can saw the nature signs.
But fail to read the signs of the times.

Whisper, whisper to me.

Before you leave my heart,
and I leave the earth.

Before the both of us,
walk our separate ways.

Whisper to me…

To the darkest side of my soul.
Where I hide like a fool,
from all the mistakes I fail to embrace.
Reach me, pour my soul with your grace.

Oesao, 07 Juli 2021

Donroy. Lahir di NTT pada bulan Februari. Pertama kali membaca puisi-puisi Rendra, aku langsung jatuh hati pada puisi. 

Email: donidonroy@gmail.com

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