Eloquent Silence

I sat there with the eloquent silence, with the laughter and tears that are not meant to be heard, yet felt. Having a conversation with sanity on how to stay sane with all the insanity around. Asking the voiceless sound that was on the verge of breaking out, how to stay quiet with all the madness around.
Not one shows any sign of answering the questions.

Distracted, uncertain, anxious, yet thrilled.

Then I start asking happiness, how to stay blossom when the garden is on fire.
Asking how love felt when it was humiliated, betrayed.
You are not ought to feel helpless, do not run away from yourself, they said.
Conquer your demons, love until nothing left but ashes in your bones.

The conversations went on for years
My brain attained the answers, yet stills no sign of knowing how to execute them.
Then patience came out and told me not to give up yet, told me to stop asking questions and let heart find its way out of the opaqueness.

(by Dimitri Josephine)


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