Archaic Dream

I speak the words to the wind
can you not hear my plea?
hanging still
like an archaic chandelier

I speak the words with grim
through every season
that died inside your eyes
failed to recognize my heart

our archaic wisdom
in our archaic dreams
run to extinction like a dead land
like a land without colours,
without lives

our sacred scars have no meaning
and we are cursed
bound to each other
scratching our purulent hearts
and still, we failed to love


kuucap kata-kata pada angin
dapatkah kau tak mendengar mohonku?
bergantung diam
bagai wadah lilin kuno

kuucap kata-kata dengan suram
lintasi musim-musim
mati dalam matamu
gagal mengenali hatiku

kearifan kuno kita
dalam mimpi kuno kita
menuju kepunahan bagai tanah mati
tanah tanpa warna,
tanpa kehidupan

luka suci kita tak berarti
dan kita terkena kutukan
terikat satu sama lain
menggaruk hati kita yang bernanah
dan masih, kita gagal mencintai

©Poetry Prairie, 2022

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