Colour of The Sky

once I asked myself
what’s the colour of the sky?
I believed it was blue
sometimes with spots of scenic white clouds
I was beyond happy 
to embrace the magnificent color
that painted my eyes blue

it was soon after rain ripped off the sheet
from long drought that vomit the greyish haze
the sky opened and seemed intensely divine
as if an ocean swept the air
after hours of soft rain shower 
spring blue stained the sky
I was thrilled by the clear blue 
when flowers blossomed like a rainbow
on a season like this

then I was amazed by the color changing
of sky at dawn and dusk
we always say that sky is blue
so what was the quilt of red, yellow or magenta that we saw?
I didn’t know 
that sky itself is colourless
like a plain and boring lady it became

we might not see the light of sun
blistering on the surface
blazing at full speed to every direction
holding the spectrum of light in its core
then it was diffracted
reflected by a resonance dispersion
on an atmosphere collision

the shower of colours, dispersed
to the bright looking sky
dyed the mesmerized eyes
over the shortest length that caught inside

that deep blue sky
is like the life on a sheet
plain and boring
what you see as colours are
every single dream and deed 
every mistake and repentance
every smile, every laugh or tear
in every single breath that you take
that lit your life that had been left ajar

Poetry Prairie – 2016

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