The Flower


her wordless wings
set free by the lights of bonfire
beneath cold dirty ground
dark bloods that she spilled
over dirty banded bones
in her wounded heart
melted in secret

we can not pretend anymore, child
how this world is contagious
with curse
of evil thoughts
and villain deeds,
she broke and she bent
like a lonely willow
she crawled to her improper tomb
buried her childish smile

flesh is a shell
an enigmatic deceits
lust burner,
how can we not instill the love
to our future life?
our children who are distilled
to a latent battle:
on their sleep
on their innocent dreams

now, every sip of her blood
goes back to the earth
to make it even darker
in our minds,
her soul glows on the heaven’s gate
with a rumbling voice

come now, pure soul
to your home
you are the greatest
flower in heaven

June, 2015


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