Summer Triangle

node of constellation has measured your wings
incandescent eyes are floating in the sea of breeze
recreate the brightest eyes inside the constellation’s lines
a conference of billions of years

three triangular eyes anneal the wings
as sturdy as eagle piercing the north sky
infest the summer skies
thousands of love were written naturally
in the eternal flickerings, eyes of the ones who yearn

Vega, Deneb,
please greet the earth passer-by
the explorers of the skins of silence
where lights are dead
    at hidden summits
old trees curl up their fingers
mountains embrace the earth
the wind blows echoes of holy spaces

and from the silent earth, the eternal roads are painted
a confluence of milky way, sublunar in vague
the gadabouts’ eyes are dancing as soft as air
     that bind the trace of galaxies
leaving their homes
away from the life of souls
there, there are souls that crave so deeply
for who is the owner of the universe lights?

Akasia, 6th August 2016

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