Winter-like Days

I’ve slept during winter-like days
cold silverish wind shredded my eyes
and I saw everything white, cold and silent
bursting through my tears, icing on the chin

it was soundless, those wounds
that I’ve tried to condemn, each piece of them
on my forlorn rage
I kept the silence to my sleep

I believe to Lord
but sometimes I don’t believe myself
to love as much as the rain would tell the earth
after all of something that slipped in your eyes,
in your long amplitude eyes,
that cast a deceit spell to every season, secretly
then all in the world that I could see was white

On that misty winter-like days
I was sleeping on the wrap of woodbines
instead of you,
instead of you, 
getting snowbites

I seek a way to forgive
To hold myself from running into the wild
To melt the frozen heart in a brine
So I looked up, to the open sky
Where leafless branches tarry the wind
Looking for the lightscape
That I wished to blow and grow inside

For days I was in complete white
For the days I wish to forget
I was as cold as sculpture of ice
Believe, I said to my heart
I believed the sun would come
To stitch the lines of light
Thus free my soul

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