Dead End

I have tried to see your face
I would’ve never imagined
that seeing your face could be this hard
Ice melts. Rocks gliding. Louder breath.
all in one

I over thinking
to trace my feeling
I wish to find the wisdom line in your face
a sign for the sky to be on its place
when we’re holding to each other

but pain is something I can’t erase
I feel a stream on my chest
a rock pounding river stream
flowing north, south, west, east
just everywhere out of your reach

I cannot compel this misleading spell
when I cannot see your eyes
like I used to be
as crisp as withered flowers
on dead graveyard

there’s always a reason
that’s stronger than me
why I’ll hold you still
with no other place to rest my sight
except dreams on my deepest darkness
where I can’t find a path to walk
I’m a liar these days

Poetry Prairie – 2015

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