I’ve Been Waiting For A Train

A train is coming out of a foggy lane
Hail for passengers, come to the blue
I’ve been waiting under a tree
A yellow leaves tree
Under a misty purple sky I’ve been waiting too long

I’ve been waiting for a train in a station
Unfamiliar faces in crowds – they knew me like a stranger
Tired faces people that I try not to look
Selfish in our own way

When the sky is brighter, the wind is lighter
It blows the names and stories
A shadow under my eyes
I’ve been waiting for a train
Unlike this rusty train that full of sad monsters at the roof

I’ve been waiting for a train with a silver lining
A train out of the sun where I can put off my shoes
Barefoot sitting on the floor
Then take me to the place were I can say my name outloud


©Poetry Prairie

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