Burningword Literary Journal


Burningword Literary Journal accepts poetry, flash fiction, and flash nonfiction submissions for publication. Please read through the brief guidelines and publishing schedule before you submit.

Genres and Details
Poetry in any form or style in a grouping of between three and six. The entire submission should not exceed 1,500 words. We encourage you to submit each poem separately.
Flash fiction (a.k.a. microfiction, short short story, sudden fiction, etc.) up to 300 words. You may submit up to three pieces per issue. 
Flash nonfiction up to 300 words. You may submit up to three pieces per issue.
We accept simultaneous submissions and will consider previously published work, however preference will be given to unpublished material. Please include all publication information where applicable.
We ask that you to submit each piece separately, as a unique submission. 
The submission review process is double-blind; please remove all instances of your name from your work before uploading it. Your name, along with contact info. and third-person bio should be entered inside the submission form.
If you need to withdraw a submission for any reason, please do so within the our submission system. 

Burningword is a quarterly web, print and digital publication with issues published January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. The cut-off date for submissions is the 15th day of the prior month for each quarter:
January submissions are due December 15
April submissions are due March 15
July submissions are due June 15
October submissions are due September 15

How to Submit
Go to our submission form and sign into the system. The process is simple and will allow you to keep track of where you’re sending your writing. Good luck!

Copyrights, Reprinting and Attribution
Please take a quick look at the copyright notice and our submission agreement. Our policies were created to help protect your rights, and ours, too.

Why We Have No Free Copies For You
Many have requested—rightfully so—a free copy of the print issue. Currently we use and print-on-demand service, so there are no copies given to us. While this is tremendously eco-friendly, it is not writer-friendly. We apologize that we have no copies to hand out. The Ebook version is available for free download.

Burningword Literary Journal is a non-profit publication, supported exclusively by volunteers and donors like you. If you value what we offer please consider a modest donation. Thank you!

Burningword Literary Journal is a quarterly publication focussing on emerging writers of poetry and short fiction.

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