Furious eyes behind glasses
Suddenly the hair turns white
Older in rage
Bolder in stage

All he worries
All he fears
All his dreams are pride and money
So he works like a stomping horse
Like a frantic gladiator

We see no sun
We see no home
We taste no homemade cooking
We hear no our children’s laugh

Everything is greater than us
He doesn’t want our names
He doesn’t want our souls
He only wants a gold pillow in his dream

Novia, 2014

Stars Union

Bless of the night
in the silent fortress
Millions of stars making the archway
Shining as pearls in the sky
The sky that has empty for long

Stars union
Those stars unite in fidelity
Hub the souls across the mountains and the seas
To see stars from different direction and feel the same

Novia, 2010

The Eyes

Eyes are staring
To the wall
To the empty sheet
Full of words
Full of ambition

Eyes are dancing
Under running light
Under glowing sun light
Dream of a party
Dream of a glory

Eyes are wandering
Over the clouds outside the window
Over the unbound hearts
Lost in perception
Lost in direction

Novia, 2014

Outer Space Alien

I used to think that someday I’ll be flying high, to the moon or so
Chasing cumulonimbus in blue, racing with helium in the sky
Across the atmosphere, the line that defines humanity

I am no superhero that saves the day
I’m not a warrior, hurries for space war
Armageddon just have to wait until the black hole is tumbling down
I’m just an outer space alien, asphyxiated and dried